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The latest news on health insurance in Arizona. Topics include Obamacare, Medicare Supplements, individual insurance and industry news.

health_insurance_quotes_for_individualsAre you looking for affordable Arizona health insurance quotes for individuals?  It may sound impossible, but not when you have the right online broker working on your behalf.  When you work with a local Arizona health insurance broker, the customer service and personal attention go well beyond a free online quote.  It’s easy to find an online broker or automated quote from a site that wants to sell your information as a “lead,” but that only means you can expect the phone to start ringing moments later.  The most important thing to remember when you request health insurance quotes for individuals is to work with an experienced broker who will personally service your request.

health insurance quotes onlineAt Anderson Insurance Services, it is easier than ever to get health insurance quotes online.  With our user friendly website, we make the process of finding health insurance practically effortless.  In addition to finding information about the individual health insurance carriers in Arizona, we also have extensive experience in working with all of their health plans.  Whether you want a plan from Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Human, Anthem, Kaiser Permanente, United Healthcare or another insurance provider, our friendly health insurance consultants will be able to get you competitive online health insurance quotes.


When you find yourself in need of an individual health plan, it’s easy to get confused by all the different plans that are now available.  Due to an urgent lack of funding for many of Arizona’s low-income health insurance plans, the state’s insurance providers have been forced to get more competitive.  There are simply too many people in the state who need health insurance quotes for individual plans that are affordable.  In other words, the company that offers the lowest monthly premium for an adequate amount of coverage is likely to get the business.

Due to the fact that Arizona ranks 46th in the number of residents with health insurance, a great need exists within its borders.  Customers who want an affordable individual health plan are getting a lot more demanding of local health insurance providers.  This is a good thing if you are in the market for a new plan.  It means you may start seeing health insurance quotes that are much more affordable.


If you pay attention to America’s Health Rankings®, as compiled by the United Health Foundation, you may have heard that Arizonans have cut back on smoking.  Arizona health insurance providers be happy about some of these stats, but there is still a lot that needs to be done in getting more citizens insured.   Other good news on the report states that Arizona citizens have reduced the rates of cancer and cardiovascular disease and preventable hospitalizations. 

But it’s not all good news.  The state still ranks as only the 31st healthiest state, a ranking that fell three spots since the 2009 report.  The number of children living in poverty has almost doubled in the past decade and obesity has risen from 10.8 to 25.8 percent since 1990.

arizona_health_insurance_plansThe best part about choosing your own healthcare plan is that you can customize the coverage and the cost to meet your needs.  But unlike employee sponsored plans, most individual Arizona health insurance plans offer benefits that are far less comprehensive.  Finding the right health plan may become a simple matter of knowing what to look for, and how much you should expect to pay for it.

Your Arizona health insurance broker should have extensive knowledge of every health plan in the state, but not every broker is looking out for their client’s best interests.  Beware of brokers who offer only one or two products, and then try to sell you on all the wonderful benefits they offer.  There are literally dozens of great Arizona health insurance plans for individuals, and you should have the option of choosing the one that works best for you. 

health_insurance_scottsdaleAs more and more Americans turn to the Internet as their number one source of information, the number of web sites offering health insurance quotes has made it difficult to choose a health insurance broker.  Just enter the words “health insurance Scottsdale” into a search engine, and you are bound to find a lot of online brokers ready to help.  The question is, how do you know which one to call on? 

With so many options available to you in Arizona health insurance, it helps to know what to look for in a quote.  For example, your health insurance options in Scottsdale will be different than what’s available in other areas of the country.  A good broker will be able to tell you about all of the options available to you, rather than just a few offerings from one or two insurance companies.  When you’re looking to get health insurance in Scottsdale Arizona, your broker will take the following factors into consideration:

az_health_insurance_quotesWhen you really sit down to do some research on  Arizona health insurance, it would appear as if everyone is giving out free “no-obligation” AZ health insurance quotes, but many of the search listings are nothing more than a front for a lead-generation company.  Sure, they will take your name, age, weight and contact information, but they won’t deliver the actual quotes to your inbox.  Instead, they will deliver your information to numerous health insurance brokers in your area for a small fee.  This will inevitably result in a lot of annoying phone calls and email solicitations.  After dealing with this frustrating experience long enough, consumers are creating a level playing field through social networking.

health_net_insurance_arizonaIf you’ve almost given up on the idea of buying individual health insurance, you’re not alone.  For many self-employed Arizona residents, buying non-group health insurance was out of reach.  But Health Net Insurance of Arizona is helping some families close the gap with affordable coverage.  Health Net Insurance of Arizona provides an extensive selection of plans based on what works best for individuals and families.  But perhaps one of the best parts about dealing with Health Net is the tools they offer to help clients make healthcare decisions. 

For example, if you are self-employed, under-employed or in between jobs, you will need a policy you can rely on for yourself and your family.  Instead of offering cookie-cutter plans like most other carriers, Health Net Insurance of Arizona provides unmatched flexibility.  Customers can choose from a variety of different coverage options, co-payments and deductible.  They even allow you to select a different level of coverage for every member of the family. 

arizona_health_policiesRegardless of your political position on Health Care Reform (a.k.a. Obamacare), there is one thing that everyone can agree on – Arizona health policies for individuals are much more comprehensive today than they were a few years ago.  Before the new healthcare legislation, individual health plans were not required to include preventive care coverage.  They were also more likely to have lifetime maximums in place for major medical benefits.  While the Health Savings Account (HSA) predates the new laws, it seems that more Arizona health policies have paired this tax-saving account with their high-deductible health plans. 

A rapid rise in unemployment has caused more and more families to be uninsured or underinsured, which has created a greater demand for individual health plans.  This, plus a greater number of independent contractors have been a boon to the individual insurance market.  This greater demand for unbundled Arizona health policies has given insurance carriers an incentive to be competitive. 

medical_insurance_arizonaShopping for medical insurance in AZ doesn’t need to be a long and tedious process.  Whether you are buying an individual plan for yourself or trying to find a new plan for your company, it is much easier to get the plan you need with very little effort.  But shopping online for medical insurance in AZ is not as simple as doing a Google search.  If you try that, you may end up with dozens of online clearinghouse websites who are looking to make a profit by selling your personal information.  Unless you want to hear from 10 to 15 different brokers over the next few days, stay away from online forms. 

A better idea is to find an Arizona health insurance broker with a solid reputation in the industry.  Contact that broker directly and find out what they need from you in order to provide a quote.  If you are working with a reputable agent, he or she will not require an online form.  It may be a simple email or a phone conversation, but no one else should need to see your information.

Here are some things you will want to avoid when shopping online for medical insurance in AZ:

  1. Do not provide more than the very basic information to your broker.  He or she will need your age, height/weight, zip code and current insurance status.  Eventually they will need you to fill out a form about your medical history, but a basic rate quote will not require much information. 
  2. Do not provide your social security number, financial information or home address to an online broker.  When the time comes for this information to be provided, it will be after you agree to a specific health plan, and it will be on the form provided by the insurance carrier.
  3. Do not agree to receive email solicitations from them in the future.  You could end up with dozens of emails from unrelated companies if they sell your information.
  4. Find out about their privacy policies, internet security policy, and how much information they will provide to the insurance companies.
  5. Get all of their quotes in writing, preferably in the mail and on corporate letterhead. 
  6. Find out upfront about their license to sell medical insurance plans in AZ, how long they’ve been in business, and about any of their professional affiliations. 

Shopping online for medical insurance in AZ is much easier than it’s ever been; just be careful to avoid the online traps that are common with internet marketers. 

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